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Draped in Devotion
- 8 Week - 1 on 1 Course

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Draped in Devotion Group Course

Draped in Devotion: The Energetics and Biology of Style and Personal Magnetism

In this course you will learn how to :

  • Dress in a way that invites positive, life affirming connections and opportunities to you. 

  • Conquer fears of being seen and being vulnerable by tapping into your true self underneath of performance 

  • Regain access to your feminine desire by tapping back into pleasure - what looks and feels good to your feminine heart vs dressing to please others. 

  • Remember and expand your creative and playful potential as a feminine being.

  •  Master the art of feminine grace as an act of self-honoring vs a performative attempt to manipulate responses from others. 

  • Learn the art of expressive gratitude as a beauty practice. Learn the energetics of clothing and presentation. 

  • Use the history and science of our species evolution to become the most attractive woman in any room. 

  • Use beauty to motivate, inspire and nurture both yourself and others. 

  • Tap into your unique inner beauty frequency and translate it externally. 

  • Tap into a felt sense of abundance through feminine resourcefulness aka “using what you have” no matter your financial state. 

  • Break out of limiting beliefs around beauty, feminine expression, and what is "attractive." 

  • Release a more playful self-honoring expression of yourself to the world as an act of service to the expansion of others.

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