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Sensual Emotional Intelligence
8 Week 1 on 1

Sensual Emotional Intelligence

Much of modern psychology has revolved around conversational analysis and theory about emotion. This pushes the energy up into the headspace causing us to disconnect from the body. We may collect many theories about our emotions, why they show up, and be able to explain them to others impressively, however, there is still little understanding amongst the masses about how to actually allow emotion to exist, be processed and be observed in the body.

SEI offers participants access to the ancient and primal wisdom of the body which was recognized as sacred in old times, but has been substituted by the western worlds preference for the worship of the “logical” and mental plane. As a result of our belief that the mental plane offers more wisdom than the body, our processing of emotion often starts on the mental plane and ends in overthinking and endless analysis of emotion. This offers us no ability to process emotion effectively in the body. 

Sensual Emotional Intelligence is a reclamation of the body as a source of valid, critical, and trustworthy wordless wisdom - the missing link in our modern day emotional work.

SEI focuses on utilizing embodiment focused restorative practices and easy, alternative approaches to meditation to reconnect participants to their bodies as containers for emotion and as a potent source of information .

This is done in an effort to empower individuals with the sensory-emotional resources to be filled, and expanded by emotions with courage,  allowing them to move through and open to both pleasurable and challenging intense feelings in the future, with more grace, ease, presence and agility

This high level offer has been taught in multiple countries to women of all different backgrounds and demographics. 

I have taught this course to everyone from women struggling with anxiety who wanted to show up more grounded in their business dealings , to housewives fixing their relationships, and even to other coaches. 

Here you will learn how to break free from overanalyzing emotions and move through them in the body

  • Learn how to experience feeling in a way that leads to juicy expansion and a deeper ability to feel all emotions - transcend numbness

  •  Develop a more detailed understanding of your inner emotional furnishing

  • Understand the feminine emotional experience from a multilayered historical psychological physiological and spiritually informed perspective

  • Deepen your relationships, ability to feel pleasure, and ability to gracefully be with challenging emotions and sensations in the body 

  • Learn how to anchor a felt sense of safety in the body through practices that extend beyond verbal affirmations analyzing and talking about feelings and moving deep into the bodies emotional and physical tissue

  • Customized embodiment work to master the experiencing of your emotions.

  • Gain more grace in your emotional experiencing and expression, lessening reactivity 

  • learn to utilize the lost art of ritual and meaning creation to practice conjuring, holding, and transmuting emotion through the psyche and into the body

  • Cultivate a deeper level of responsibility and awareness of your internal narratives

  • Harness the power of symbols and metaphor to impress upon the subconscious mind and the emotional body

  • break through feelings of numbness emotionally and sensually

  • learn to swell with pleasure and melt into bliss in everyday moments through body focused embodiment practices

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