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Feminine Life Design 
1 on 1


Feminine Life Design 
- Group Course

The Depth of this Course

  • Heal your relationship to the masculine and to men 

  • Understand the depth of feminine and masculine energetics 

  • Indulge in delicious discipline that doesn't feel like punishment, but feels like love.

  • Discover the feminine's unique relationship to discipline and structure as a reconciliation with the masculine as a loving provisional source 

  • Learn to attract and responsibly hold provision from the masculine 

  • Expand your capacity to feel and hold joy, gratitude, and pleasure 

  •  Learn to cultivate a deep acceptance at a somatic body level of you and other peoples emotions, triggers, and responses 

  • Attract positive experiences with the masculine 

  • Learn to see your desires as gifts, anchor in your worthiness, and express your desires as an invitation into expanded ways of being 

  • Step into the fullness of your feminine responsibility as a creational being 

  • Transcend the dogma of what people think femininity is and learn how to truly feel feminine in your body 

  • Rewire your nervous system to feel safe to relax, release control, and receive

  • Put down all of your shields of protection and finally experience the bliss of being held by God and life itself as a loving provisional source

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