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It’s Not Your Fault it’s Your Responsibility
4 week one on one course 


Its Not Your Fault, It’s Your Responsibility
Group Course

It’s Not Your Fault, It’s Your Responsibility

The single most important course you need to escape the life of struggle so many stay trapped in. If you are burnt out, tired from drama and rescuing yourself and others from chaos, or noticing repeated patterns of turmoil in your life, this is your doorway to step OUT of the matrix of struggle for good. 

This is the honest and life changing advice most people won't and can’t tell you about how to transform your life. Most times, this is because  they haven’t recognized this advice as true, are completely oblivious to its truth, or have resistance to recognizing its truth.   

A world of ease and pleasure is possible for your life, but it will come on the other side of some deep inner work, radical self honesty, and challenging truths. That being said, I know that this course is a fundamental foundation to all inner work as it will completely wake you up to just how much joy, pleasure,and fulfillment you truly are capable of.,

In this course you will step away transformed with a new life knowing how to:

  • Take an empowered position of responsibility in your life finding solutions where you never thought possible in seemingly never needing problems in your life.

  • See the areas in your life you are unaware that you are in control of, and the areas you are blindly bleeding out precious energy that you are not in control of . 

  • Address your wounds and traumas in a completely new way to eliminates the emotional charge behind them for good 

  • Hold and process emotions from the past, leave them there, and learn to teach your body to feel safe again 

  • Stop being reactive and having emotional outbursts, hold rock solid boundaries, and create a life of your dreams. 

  • Free yourself of narratives rooted in your past and fears of the future that keep you stuck. Learn what to do to consciously create a new future for yourself.

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