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Modern Feminine Dating 12 Week- 1 on 1


Modern Feminine Dating 6  Week- 1 on 1


Modern Feminine Dating Group Course

Modern Feminine Dating: An Empowering New Way to Date

The most decadent and juicy dating course created for women who are ready to do a complete 180 in the way that they approach dating. In this course you will completely up level the quality of men you attract, and learn how to become pursued, cherished, and adored as a completely transformed woman.

You will learn to:

  •  Appropriately emotionally bond in early dating and stop getting your heart broken 

  • Uncover the truth about female biology and how to date in a way that honors our evolutionary and psychological needs 

  • Vet men and call in men who are emotionally available and ready to date for marriage

  •  Position yourself to attract and deal responsibly with amazing, mature, masculine men who want to provide. 

  • Feel worthy of a healthy provider man and what your energy provides for him

  •  Heal from past pain and feel safe to uncover and share your heart again

  •  Heal the places you are blocking love from men, blocking your radiance from being seen by men, and repeating common patterns perpetuated by unconscious beliefs.

  •  Bring out the best in men 

  • Go from casual dating and repeated "situationships" to dating for marriage with multiple options to choose from

  •  Date and choose men according to your values and honest desires instead of attachment created through sex or time spent together. 

  • Learn how 

  • Cultivate inner peace, clarity of values, and deep inner happiness

  • Clarify your deepest desires and learn how to confidently own them 

  • Become the most beautiful woman in any room you enter with little-known skills, secrets, and ways of being

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