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Learn how you can experience your womanhood as your greatest asset , heal your heart, or revolutionize your work by unlocking the long hidden secrets of feminine energy
4 & 8 week 1 on 1 courses
Month to Month Group Coaching

About Leah Vermont

What reality could Leah Vermont create for you ?


Unlock the Power of Femininity through 1 on 1 Coaching and Online Courses.

Learn to access your natural magnetism and feminine radiance with the support of our personalized coaching, group classes, and online courses.

Our programs are designed to help you rediscover your femininity, embrace your biology, and unleash your softest feminine potential in all areas of life.

Discover the secrets to receiving your deepest, most vulnerable desires from your relationship to yourself and others, learn to gracefully allure others with mesmerizing charm, learn to date like a queen, and experience the most radiant, decadent, and joyful version of you unfold as you break free from the limiting beliefs holding you back.


Leah Vermont Courses


Heal your relationship to the masculine as an energetic principle. Reconnect to your authentic feminine energy, sensuality, and emotional body. Unravel the sacred codes of beauty, deep inner security, and bliss


Much of modern psychology has revolved around analysis and theory about emotion. Sensual Emotional Intelligence takes us out of the mind and into the body for deep level transformation 

The course for those ready for  honest and life changing advice. Advice that , unfortunately, most people (even your therapist) won't and can’t tell you about how to transform and take creative agency over your life.


The most decadent and juicy dating course created for women who are ready to do a complete 180 in the way that they approach dating.

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Dress in a way that invites positive, life affirming connections and opportunities to you.


I took Leah’s “Sensual Emotional Intelligence” twice (once as she guested inside one of my containers), and another time for my own education as a feminine mentor. Her precision and cleanness of energetics, is on another level. For this reason, she is able to cater to women on a wide range, whilst being able to hold space for specific questions and inquiries that come up for women in-session. Leah has beautifully assimilated the metaphysical and made it into “deliverable matter” so that clients can know on a practical level, how to practice their femininity in a most embodied way (and not just as “steps” or “strategies”). Even now, I find myself struggling for the words to describe the impact of Leah’s practice and expertise. It must therefore be EXPERIENCED with her.

Martine De Luna

3x Certified Transformational Coach and Feminine Womanhood Mentor for Courtship and Marriage

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Business Workshops

Custom-tailored workshops for women in corporate businesses and corporations to transform their relationship to their femininity, biology, and womanhood in the workplace. 

See “Contact Me” section to inquire about 1 on 1 coaching opportunities or for custom tailored workshops with your team

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